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Laborhutt Staff
July 2, 2024

Top 3 Tips for Hiring Furniture Movers at Home Depot

When it comes to moving furniture, affordability is often a top concern. One cost-effective option you might find is the individuals waiting outside Home Depot with their pickup trucks. These independent workers are usually available to help you transport your furniture, providing a more budget-friendly alternative to traditional moving companies. 

"Hiring someone with a pickup truck can save you both time and money, and they're usually ready to assist right on the spot."

You’ll often see them waiting in the parking lot or nearby areas. Known for their convenience and willingness to negotiate prices, these movers can be a practical solution, especially for smaller moving tasks.

1. Ask Questions Before Hiring

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When hiring furniture movers through Home Depot, asking a few key questions is crucial. Start by asking about the mover's experience.

  • How long have they been in the moving business? Experienced movers usually handle heavy or delicate items better.

Next, ask about the services they offer.

  • Do they provide packing and unpacking? Will they disassemble and reassemble furniture if needed? Knowing the full range of services helps you avoid surprises on moving day.

Check their availability.

  • Movers get booked quickly, especially during peak moving seasons. Confirm they can accommodate your schedule for a smooth transition.

2. Ask How Much They Cost

The cost of hiring furniture movers at Home Depot can vary depending on where you live. Generally, you should expect to pay around $20 per hour. To prevent any surprise costs, it's a good idea to negotiate a flat rate for moving your furniture. If the move takes longer than planned, you can always adjust your payment accordingly.

3. Schedule the Pickup

When scheduling the pickup, plan ahead and consider your timing needs. Ask the home depot mover about their availability and flexibility. It's crucial to coordinate a time that fits your schedule to avoid last-minute hassles. Clear expectations from the start ensure a smooth process.

Also, ask about how long the move will take. Knowing this helps you plan your day and set realistic expectations. Movers might give you a time estimate based on the distance and amount of furniture.

Confirm the details of moving day. Who will come, what equipment they will bring, and any extra services? This is important, especially for special requirements or delicate items needing extra care.

Lastly, ask about rescheduling or cancellation policies. Plans can change, and knowing these policies beforehand can save you stress. Being prepared with these details makes the moving process more efficient and stress-free.

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