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A Neighbor With A Pickup Truck to help you Pickup and Drop-off St. Vincenct de Paul furniture
When you purchase from St. Vincent de Paul, your contribution goes towards a charitable cause, turning your shopping into a donation that benefits the needy in your locality. We believe in this principle of help and community service at Laborhutt, and we're here to offer assistance. Our service connects you with a neighbor who owns a pickup truck and is ready to help with the pickup and dropoff of your newly purchased furniture. No need to worry about the logistics anymore, with Laborhutt, your charity shopping experience becomes seamless and stress-free.
Ease your stress and Save your wallet with SVDP Furniture Movers
Our delivery and pickup service is more than just an assistance for your St. Vincent De Paul furniture purchases. It's a community-driven initiative that understands the value of charity and the importance of giving back to the community. Each pickup and delivery we facilitate not only eases your stress, but also contributes to the broader mission of St. Vincent de Paul. At Laborhutt, we're committed to making your charitable shopping experience as straightforward and cost-effective as possible. Why spend a fortune on expensive moving companies or rentals when you can get the same service at a much lower cost? Hiring a neighbor with a pickup truck is not only convenient but also budget-friendly. By using Laborhutt, you're supporting your community and minimizing your expenses at the same time.
The Community Movers Saving Charity Shoppers on Delivery
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Top 4 Cheap St. Vincent de Paul Movers

Datavion Whiten
Valley Ranch, Irving, TX 75063, USA
Pickup truck
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Hi, thanks for visiting my profile. I know moving items can be stressful, but i'm here to make sure you have a helping hand. I'm available most days. Don't hesitate to send me a message and let's schedule something.
Johnny black
1160 Montgomery Blvd, Allen, TX 75013...
Pickup truck
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Hey, I'm Jonny! If you ever need help picking up or dropping off furniture from charities like St. Vincent de Paul, I'm the one you can count on. Just shoot me a message and let's figure out a time that works best for both of us. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Humberto Baquerizo
Garland, TX, USA
Pickup truck
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I'm Humberto, your reliable moving assistant in the DFW area. Whether it's a small task or a big project, I'm here to make your move hassle-free and affordable. I have the necessary tools and a pickup to make the move smooth. Feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Guillermo Delgado
4161 Midway Rd, Carrollton, TX 75007,...
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Hey there, I'm Guillermo! I'm here to make your move stress-free and affordable. I'm available to work with your schedule and assist you in any way I can. Just let me know how I can help!
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What people say about us

  • Emma S.
    Emma S.

    I'm a regular Craigslist shopper, but I always struggled with the logistics of getting large furniture items home. This service changed the game for me! I easily connected with a pickup truck owner to assist with delivery, and they were punctual and professional. Definitely using them again!

  • Liam J.
    Liam J.

    I was skeptical at first, but this startup exceeded my expectations. Within minutes, I found a pickup truck owner willing to help with my Craigslist dresser purchase. The driver was polite, and my furniture arrived in perfect condition. I'll be spreading the word about this service!

  • Benjamin J.
    Benjamin J.

    As a pickup truck owner, I joined this platform to help people in my community with their furniture deliveries. It's been such a rewarding experience, and the team behind the startup ensures we are taken care of. I'm glad to be a part of this initiative!"

  • Matthew T.
    Matthew T.

    Highly recommend this startup for anyone buying used furniture online. I was worried about finding someone trustworthy to help me transport my items, but the platform connected me with reliable pickup truck owners who made the process effortless. A fantastic service!

  • Elijah W.
    Elijah W.

    Every time I assist someone with their furniture delivery, it feels like I'm helping a friend. This startup has created a sense of camaraderie among us pickup truck owners, and the team ensures we're supported every step of the way. It's more than a service; it's a wonderful community.

  • Samuel R.
    Samuel R.

    As a first-time user of this startup, I didn't know what to expect, but I'm blown away! The pickup truck owner who assisted me with my Facebook marketplace dresser was so friendly and helpful. They handled everything with great care, and my new dresser arrived in perfect condition. I'm a user for life!

How it works


Choose a Truck Owner

Start by choosing a truck owner who is closest to your furniture or item. This method can help you save on transportation expenses and ensure that you are paired with the most suitable person for the job.


Get Quotes

Our suggestion is to reach out to 2-3 individuals who can assist you in delivering your furniture. Once you have received their pricing information, select the most suitable helper based on your specific delivery needs and budget.


Review your helper

Once you’ve chosen a driver, obtained quotes, and scheduled your delivery, don’t forget to leave a review for your driver. This small gesture goes a long way in enhancing the overall Laborhutt experience for future users.

Why choose laborhutt for your St. Vincent de Paul furniture pickup?

There are numerous advantages to using laborhutt for your furniture moves. First and foremost, we offer an affordable solution that can be tailored to your specific requirements. This ensures that you have the freedom to negotiate prices that align perfectly with your budget. Moreover, we connect you with reliable neighbors with pickup trucks located near your St. Vincent de Paul location, ensuring not only affordability but also flexibility in their schedules. With laborhutt, you can rest assured that your furniture pickup will be handled with utmost care and efficiency.

About St. Vincent de Paul Society

How does St. Vincent de Paul help the community?

How does St. Vincent de Paul help the community?

St. Vincent de Paul Society provides various services to individuals and families in need, including food assistance, housing support, utility bill assistance, and clothing donations. They also offer transportation services for those who are unable to access medical care or attend appointments on their own. Additionally, St. Vincent de Paul Society operates thrift stores, where they sell donated items at affordable prices to fund their charitable efforts. These stores also provide job opportunities for low-income individuals and contribute to the local economy.

St. Vincent de Paul Can Assist those in need with furniture

St. Vincent de Paul Can Assist those in need with furniture

St. Vincent de Paul Society offers a unique Furniture Voucher Program for individuals and families struggling to furnish their homes. If you're in need, you can apply for these vouchers at your local St. Vincent de Paul Society office. The process typically requires you to demonstrate financial need and may require supporting documents such as income verification. Once approved, you'll receive a furniture voucher that you can redeem at St. Vincent de Paul community stores. This program enables you to select the furniture of your choice, free of charge. Remember, the availability of furniture may vary by location and time, so it's recommended to contact your local store for specific details.

Items St. Vincent de Paul accepts for donation pickup

Items St. Vincent de Paul accepts for donation pickup

St. Vincent de Paul Society gratefully accepts a wide range of items for donation pickup. Among the most needed items are furniture and mattresses in good condition. We understand that transporting large objects like these can be difficult and expensive, so we offer a convenient pickup service for donors. This service facilitates the donation process, ensuring that your generous contributions reach those in need without any hassle for you. If you have furniture, mattresses, or other sizable items to donate, simply schedule a pickup with our network of pickup truck owners.

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What should I do if my furniture gets damaged during the move?

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