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Convenient Washer & Dryer Pickup and Moving Service in Huntington Beach: Your Reliable Neighbor with a Pickup Truck
Laborhutt provides the most affordable solution for finding reliable local movers for your washer and dryer in Huntington Beach. Our service offers a cost-effective option to transport your appliances using pickup trucks driven by your very own neighbors. Safety is our utmost priority, and we ensure that every mover arrives equipped with essential tools such as straps to secure your washer and dryer from point A to point B. Laborhutt not only offers affordability but also ensures quick and efficient service, making us the preferred choice for Huntington Beach residents. Rest assured, with Laborhutt, your washer and dryer are in safe hands.
Save your wallet while relieving stress with our affordable Washer and Dryer moving service in Huntington Beach
We've all experienced the challenge of moving a washer and dryer. Just imagine: you're getting ready for a big move, with all your belongings neatly packed into boxes, except for one bulky and unwieldy item - your beloved washer and dryer. This is where the real struggle begins. Maneuvering these bulky appliances through narrow corridors and tight doorways can feel like an uphill battle. When it comes to affordable washer and dryer services inHuntington Beach, look no further than Laborhutt. We understand that moving can be both stressful and expensive, but we're here to simplify and expedite the process. Our services go beyond just pick-up and drop-off; we ensure the safe and secure transportation of your bulky items. With Laborhutt, you're not just renting a vehicle, you're enlisting the help of a neighbor who genuinely cares about the well-being of your possessions. So, if you're planning a move and need to transport your washer or dryer, don't hesitate to reach out to your neighbor. With Laborhutt, moving is no longer a tedious task but a neighborly act.
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What people say about us

  • Emma S.
    Emma S.

    I'm a regular Craigslist shopper, but I always struggled with the logistics of getting large furniture items home. This service changed the game for me! I easily connected with a pickup truck owner to assist with delivery, and they were punctual and professional. Definitely using them again!

  • Liam J.
    Liam J.

    I was skeptical at first, but this startup exceeded my expectations. Within minutes, I found a pickup truck owner willing to help with my Craigslist dresser purchase. The driver was polite, and my furniture arrived in perfect condition. I'll be spreading the word about this service!

  • Benjamin J.
    Benjamin J.

    As a pickup truck owner, I joined this platform to help people in my community with their furniture deliveries. It's been such a rewarding experience, and the team behind the startup ensures we are taken care of. I'm glad to be a part of this initiative!"

  • Matthew T.
    Matthew T.

    Highly recommend this startup for anyone buying used furniture online. I was worried about finding someone trustworthy to help me transport my items, but the platform connected me with reliable pickup truck owners who made the process effortless. A fantastic service!

  • Elijah W.
    Elijah W.

    Every time I assist someone with their furniture delivery, it feels like I'm helping a friend. This startup has created a sense of camaraderie among us pickup truck owners, and the team ensures we're supported every step of the way. It's more than a service; it's a wonderful community.

  • Samuel R.
    Samuel R.

    As a first-time user of this startup, I didn't know what to expect, but I'm blown away! The pickup truck owner who assisted me with my Facebook marketplace dresser was so friendly and helpful. They handled everything with great care, and my new dresser arrived in perfect condition. I'm a user for life!

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Choose a Truck Owner

Start by choosing a truck owner who is closest to your furniture or item. This method can help you save on transportation expenses and ensure that you are paired with the most suitable person for the job.


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Our suggestion is to reach out to 2-3 individuals who can assist you in delivering your furniture. Once you have received their pricing information, select the most suitable helper based on your specific delivery needs and budget.


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Once you’ve chosen a driver, obtained quotes, and scheduled your delivery, don’t forget to leave a review for your driver. This small gesture goes a long way in enhancing the overall Laborhutt experience for future users.

Why Move Your Washer & Dryer with Laborhutt?

At Laborhutt, we believe that hiring movers shouldn't be a luxury. We're committed to making moving services accessible and affordable for everyone in our community. But affordability isn't the only advantage of choosing Laborhutt. When you choose our services, you are decreasing your carbon footprint by connecting to nearby helpers. Every move with Laborhutt is a step towards a healthier planet. We're not just moving washer and dryer; we're moving towards a more sustainable future.

About Cheap washer and dryer Movers

Local Washer & Dryer pickup

Local Washer & Dryer pickup

Whether you're buying appliances from Costsco or any other place, you might be looking for ways to save on delivery costs. This is where Laborhutt enters the picture. We offer a local washer and dryer pickup service that's not only affordable but also quick and easy to use. Rather than paying the considerable delivery fees often associated with furniture stores, you can arrange for our network to pick up your new appliances directly from the store and deliver them to your home at your convenience. This service not only saves you money but also gives you the peace of mind that your appliances are being handled with care by neighbors who are as invested in the safety of your new purchase as you are. With Laborhutt, you're not just saving money—you're engaging in a neighborly act and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Local Washer & Dryer Delivery

Local Washer & Dryer Delivery

Laborhutt's local Washer and dryer delivery service goes beyond just transporting your new appliances from the store to your home. We take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Did you know that hiring local movers can result in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions? According to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), choosing local delivery services can reduce carbon emissions by up to 35%[1]. In addition, a report by the Local Services Economy (LSE) found that local deliveries could cut delivery time by 25%[2], contributing significantly to local economic growth and community development. With Laborhutt, you're not just moving washers and dryers—you're participating in an eco-friendly initiative and promoting local economic development. [1]: Environmental Protection Agency (2018). "Local Delivery Services and their Impact on Carbon Emissions." [2]: Local Services Economy (2020). "The Economic Impact of Local Deliveries.

DIY Washer and Dryer moving Hacks

DIY Washer and Dryer moving Hacks

Deciding to move your washer and dryer yourself has its own set of pros and cons. On the positive side, you have the freedom to choose when and how to do it, which could save you some money on moving services. Plus, there's a sense of achievement in handling the entire process on your own. However, let's not overlook the downsides. DIY moves can be physically demanding and time-consuming, especially without the proper equipment or if the appliance is large and heavy. There's also a risk of damaging the item or even injuring yourself if you're not careful. Additionally, you might miss out on the environmental and community benefits that services like Laborhutt's local delivery offer. It's important to consider all these factors before deciding if a DIY washer and dryer move is the right call for you.

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