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June 19, 2024

IKEA Delivery Explained: Will They Bring Furniture to Your Apartment, House, or Upstairs?

Are you planning to upgrade your home with stylish and functional IKEA furniture but unsure about delivery options? You're not alone! Many customers have questions about IKEA deliveries, especially for apartments, houses, and other specific services like assembly or carrying furniture upstairs. Let's clear things up by diving into IKEA's delivery services and what you can expect.  

"IKEA delivery services can help make your furniture shopping easier. Whether you're moving into a new apartment, redecorating your home, or just adding a new piece, we have all the info you need."

Understanding IKEA's Delivery Options

IKEA provides a delivery options designed to meet your different needs. Whether you're furnishing a small apartment or a large house, IKEA gives you options to make the process simple and easy.

Ikea delivery options table

To schedule a delivery, you can simply select the delivery option during the checkout process on IKEA's website. You’ll be provided with available delivery slots and pricing information. For more tailored assistance, you can always speak to an in-store IKEA co-worker or contact their customer service for specific inquiries.

Can IKEA Deliver to Your Apartment or Home?

ikea delivery options by type: apartment, home, room

Yes, IKEA can deliver to your apartment. When you shop with them, you have several delivery options. You can place an order online or at one of the stores and expect fast and reliable service. IKEA is great at delivering large and bulky items, so you don’t need to worry about your furniture getting there safely.

Depending on the size of your order, IKEA has different delivery services. Small items are usually shipped via parcel delivery, while larger items, like furniture, are delivered by truck. This ensures each delivery is handled correctly to avoid damage and inconvenience.

If your apartment has specific delivery challenges, such as narrow hallways or no elevator, mention these details when arranging delivery.

Does IKEA Deliver Furniture Upstairs?

Yes, IKEA can deliver furniture upstairs. When scheduling your delivery, make sure to mention that your home has stairs. This helps the delivery team prepare. Some services may have different policies or extra fees for multi-story deliveries. For accurate details, check with IKEA’s customer service or the delivery service you choose.

If you use their third party services, which specialize in delivering large and bulky items, they are ready to handle upstairs deliveries too. This can make things easier, especially if your home has multiple flights of stairs. Always confirm these details while booking to ensure a smooth delivery.

Ikea furniture delivery for the As-Is department

Shopping from IKEA's As-Is department is a great way to find deals on furniture. You might wonder if these items can be delivered to your home.

Good news: IKEA delivers items from the As-Is section through Lugg, their delivery partner. Whether you’re picking up a used chair or a display model, you can arrange delivery on Luggs website or mobile app.

When buying from the As-Is section, talk to an in-store IKEA co-worker to set up delivery. They will help you schedule a convenient delivery time. Just like new items, the delivery service can bring your As-Is purchases to the room of your choice.

Delivery fees for As-Is furniture at Ikea

Since Ikea uses Lugg for their As-Is items, the cost of delivering furniture varies. To learn more about Lugg's pricing, check out our latest blog or visit their website. Factors such as number of stairs, how many helpers you need, and distance from the Ikea store play a role in your total price.

Do You Need to Be Home for IKEA Delivery?

Being present for your IKEA delivery can be helpful but isn’t always required. IKEA offers flexible options to match your busy schedule. Coordinate with the delivery team to ensure everything goes smoothly. Sometimes, you can authorize a neighbor or a concierge to accept the delivery for you. Check IKEA’s policy for any specific requirements.

If you want your furniture assembled or delivered to a particular room, it’s best to be home. This way, items are placed where you want them, and you can address any issues on the spot. Delivery personnel can also help move furniture upstairs or into hard-to-reach areas if you’re there.

For contactless delivery, arrange this with IKEA ahead of time. They might leave your items at your doorstep or a designated spot. Make sure to confirm these details when scheduling to avoid any confusion on delivery day.

Does Ikea deliver for free?

IKEA's delivery services are convenient and reliable but usually come with a fee. The fee depends on the size and weight of your items and where you live.

For smaller items, the delivery rates are often quite reasonable. But for larger furniture, the costs can be higher due to special handling and transportation needs. Check IKEA's official website or speak to an in-store employee for the latest delivery charges. Sometimes, they may have discounts or promotions, so be sure to ask.

If you need free delivery, consider Click & Collect, which lets you pick up your online order from the store or a pickup point. While it requires some effort, it can save you delivery fees and is a cost-effective option.

How to Deliver Ikea furniture (cheaply)

Affordable ikea delivery map

If you're working with a tight budget or just can't wait for a long delivery window, here are the top three strategies to help you get your IKEA furniture home without breaking the bank:

  1. Use Laborhutt to find someone with a pickup truck in your neighborhood. It's a convenient way to connect with local helpers.

  2. Join local Facebook groups and post a request for help. You can often negotiate a fair price with available helpers in your community.

  3. Consider renting a pickup truck and doing it yourself. Many rental companies offer affordable rates for short-term use, making it a budget-friendly option.

IKEA Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions

Will IKEA deliver to my apartment or house? Absolutely! IKEA delivers to both apartments and houses. Enter your address at checkout, and IKEA will handle the rest. Whether it's a small item or a large piece of furniture, IKEA's delivery options will get it to you.

Will IKEA deliver and assemble my furniture? Yes, IKEA offers an assembly service with delivery. For an extra fee, their team can assemble your furniture at your home. This is handy for larger or more complicated items.

Will IKEA deliver to me? IKEA delivers to many locations, whether you're in the city or on the outskirts. Check the delivery area on the IKEA website or talk to an in-store representative for more details.

Will IKEA deliver furniture upstairs? Yes, IKEA can deliver furniture upstairs. Check with the delivery service first to ensure they can meet your building's requirements. Additional fees might be necessary for complex deliveries.

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