March 22, 2024

Tackling Your Kitchen Packing

Preparing to pack your kitchen can feel quite daunting. From your fine china and casual dinnerware to barware and kitchen gizmos, much of this can be breakable, sharp, heavy, and fragile.

Casual Dinnerware

As these are often used the most in your home, you should ensure that you only pack what you won't be using, up until moving day.

This could be things such as dinner and luncheon plates, coffee mugs, and cereal and soup bowls. A good way to begin wrapping these items is with bubble wrap or foam pouches to provide cushioning before packing items inside.

If you can find heavy-duty boxes that have dish dividers, this will save you a lot of time and money on supplies, as this is a more secure way to pack.By inserting each dinnerware item inside a layer of bubble wrap, then grabbing the tape to seal the bubble wrap, and then adding additional protective layers with things such as newspapers, household towels, and even clothing could be utilized.

Kitchen Appliances and Gizmos

If you have kept any of the original boxes for these, such as for small appliances, that would help as some of these small appliances can have very distinctive shapes and box size needs.

Otherwise looking for heavy-duty boxes is a must as the last thing you want is the bottom falling out of your cardboard box, due to the weight of your Instapot, air fryer, etc. Keep in mind these are plug-in devices so we want to make sure they will not be exposed to moisture during storage, or any inclement weather that could damage your items.

Wrapping the electrical cords carefully and even covering them with packing paper, helps protect the electrical components of your item. Depending on where the items are stored, or the conditions you are moving in, i.e. weather, it may be best to opt for a plastic tote rather than a cardboard box that will absorb moisture.

Cookware and Kitchen Tools

These are things such as your French/Dutch ovens, your casserole dishes, frying pans, pots and pans, bakeware, etc.

These items definitely should be in a quality, heavy-duty box as things such as cast iron can be quite heavy. They should be protected with packing paper or bubble wrap. Other items such as blankets, bedding, towels, and clothing, provide additional protection when packed around these items.

You should try to look for boxes that are proportional to the size of the cookware item you are wrapping so that your item doesn't get banged around and damaged. Too big of a box is not the best choice for heavy items, and leaves too much room for things to shift. Kitchen knives should be cleaned and dried, and put into similar size groups.

Then carefully roll each knife with bubble wrap and secure the bubble wrap with tape to avoid any possible injury. Taping both ends of the knives prevents them from sliding out of the bubble wrap at the opposite end. Labeling each box based on what the contents are helps when directing friends, family, or helpers to which part of the house the box goes to. This will save significant time moving boxes from one room to another.

Chinaware, Glass Items, and Barware

These items are very fragile and must be boxed up properly to avoid damage or the bottom falling out of the box.

Make sure that you find the right kind of boxes that can hold this kind of weight, and if you can find dividers for these boxes, that is all the better protection-wise. You would want to make sure that you utilize bubble wrap or foam, along with some additional layers of clothing, bedding, and towels.

This would also apply to certain pantry items such as glass jars, spice containers, sugar shakers, etc.


Labeling each box based on what the contents are helps when directing friends, family, or helpers to which part of the house the box goes to. This will save significant time moving boxes from one room to another.

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