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Daniel Oropeza
January 1, 2024

Explore the Best Online Furniture Stores of 2024: Unique Finds for Every Home

Discover the ultimate guide to the best online furniture stores of 2024 in the US with our comprehensive list of 56 top retailers. This detailed article provides an insightful look into each store, highlighting unique aspects, pros, and cons to help you make informed decisions for your home decor needs. From luxurious, high-end options like Arhaus and Design Within Reach to budget-friendly choices such as IKEA and Zinus, our guide covers a diverse range of styles, including modern, vintage, industrial, and minimalist designs.

In the vast world of online shopping, finding the right furniture that matches your style and budget can be overwhelming. More Americans are moving, with one in every 10 moving and a 56% increase in foot traffic at furniture stores from 2019 to 2021, according to Marketwatch. On top of that, more people are moving to online shopping when it comes to furniture, 26% of Americans as of 2019. Not all stores offer shipping (or a cheap shipping option). If you find yourself needing to move your new furniture, we at Laborhutt help connect you with local pickup truck drivers willing to help you bring your furniture home.

To simplify your search, we've compiled a list of the best online furniture stores, highlighting what makes each unique along with their pros and cons.

1. Article

Unique Aspects: Article stands out for its modern outdoor furniture selection, offering pieces like the Makali Lounge Chair and Lenia White Oak Dresser.

Pros: A broad range of contemporary designs and quality materials.

Cons: Higher price range, and limited physical showrooms for in-person viewing.

2. Thuma

Unique Aspects: Thuma is known for its minimalist bedroom furniture, emphasizing luxe bedding and mattresses.

Pros: Simplistic design catering to modern aesthetics.

Cons: Limited variety, focusing mainly on bedroom furniture.

3. Castlery

Unique Aspects: Castlery offers a virtual showroom experience and a diverse range of furniture like the Kelsey Marble Dining Table.

Pros: Easy online navigation and a wide range of styles.

Cons: International shipping can be expensive.

4. Wayfair

Unique Aspects: Known for its daily sales, Wayfair has an extensive selection, including the Isley Rolling Kitchen Island.

Pros: Competitive pricing and a vast selection.

Cons: Quality can vary significantly between products.

5. Maiden Home

Unique Aspects: Maiden Home offers high-quality, US-made furniture, like The Dune sectional.

Pros: Focus on craftsmanship and custom-made options.

Cons: Higher price points and longer delivery times.

6. Amazon

Unique Aspects: Amazon is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of furniture styles and budgets.

Pros: Fast shipping and a diverse selection.

Cons: Quality can be inconsistent, and overwhelming product choices.

7. Serena & Lily

Unique Aspects: Serena & Lily offers a coastal vibe with unique pieces like the Ellington Side Table.

Pros: Distinctive style and high-quality materials.

Cons: Pricier than other retailers and limited style variety.

8. Pottery Barn

Unique Aspects: Pottery Barn is a blend of classic and contemporary with a focus on sustainability.

Pros: High-quality, durable products with a focus on eco-friendly practices.

Cons: Higher-end pricing and potential for longer delivery times.

9. West Elm

Unique Aspects: West Elm offers a range of modern, sustainable furniture options.

Pros: Frequent sales and a wide range of eco-friendly products.

Cons: Some items can be on the pricier side.

10. Schoolhouse

Unique Aspects: Schoolhouse is known for its colorful and unique stools and eclectic home decor.

Pros: Offers bright, statement pieces for modern homes.

Cons: Limited product range compared to larger stores.

11. Arhaus

Unique Aspects: Arhaus is a high-end, artisanal furniture with a focus on sustainability.

Pros: Exceptional quality and unique designs.

Cons: Premium pricing and limited accessibility for budget shoppers.

12. Design Within Reach

Unique Aspects: Design Within Reach offers modern classics like the Eames Chair.

Pros: Iconic designs with high aesthetic value.

Cons: High-end pricing, catering to a luxury market.

13. Target

Unique Aspects: Target is an affordable and trendy in-house decor brands.

Pros: Accessible prices with a wide variety.

Cons: Some items may lack durability.

14. Ballard Designs

Unique Aspects: Ballard Designs offers custom fabric options and a design podcast.

Pros: Personalization and design resources.

Cons: Higher prices for custom options.

15. Zinus

Unique Aspects: Zinus offers budget-friendly and easy assembly.

Pros: Affordable and convenient.

Cons: Limited style variety.

16. Etsy

Unique Aspects: Etsy is a handmade and vintage decor.

Pros: Unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Cons: Varies widely in price and quality.

17. BR Home

Unique Aspects: BR Home is a stylish, high-design furniture at accessible prices.

Pros: Unique designs at reasonable prices.

Cons: Limited selection compared to larger retailers.

18. CB2

Unique Aspects: CB2 offers a hip selection of modern, minimalist furniture.

Pros: Chic collaborations and trendy designs.

Cons: Can be pricey for younger shoppers.

19. Urban Outfitters

Unique Aspects: Urban Outfitters is a funky and eclectic furniture.

Pros: Unique, statement pieces.

Cons: Limited range of traditional furniture.

20. Crate & Barrel

Unique Aspects: Crate & Barrel is a stylish furniture for every room.

Pros: High-quality and durable.

Cons: Higher price range.

21. Lulu and Georgia

Unique Aspects: Lulu and Georgia is a contemporary designs and latest styles.

Pros: Trendy and designer-curated selections.

Cons: Premium pricing.

22. Burrow

Unique Aspects: Burrow is customizable furniture with modern designs.

Pros: Flexibility in design and free shipping.

Cons: Limited styles outside of modern aesthetics.

23. Anthropologie

Unique Aspects: Anthropologie is a whimsical, statement-making furniture.

Pros: Unique designs and quality craftsmanship.

Cons: Premium pricing and limited options for minimalistic styles.

24. Sundays

Unique Aspects: Sundays is a furniture covering a range of styles, focusing on timeless design.

Pros: Versatile pieces suitable for various interiors.

Cons: High price points and limited physical showrooms.

25. Interior Define

Unique Aspects: Interior Define is a customizable, neutral staples for a timeless look.

Pros: Wide range of customization options.

Cons: Longer lead times for custom pieces.

26. Perigold

Unique Aspects: Perigold is a traditional decor with luxury textures.

Pros: High-end designs and diverse textures.

Cons: Premium pricing and a more traditional aesthetic.

27. MoMA Design Store

Unique Aspects: MoMA Design Store is an iconic designs and emerging designer pieces.

Pros: Exclusive, museum-quality pieces.

Cons: Higher price range and niche styles.

28. Neighbor

Unique Aspects: Neighbor is a high-quality outdoor furniture with cohesive designs.

Pros: Durable and stylish for outdoor settings.

Cons: Focused solely on outdoor furniture.

29. Tupelo Goods

Unique Aspects: Tupelo Goods is a specialty lounge chairs and outdoor games.

Pros: Unique, niche products for outdoor leisure.

Cons: Limited product range and specific to outdoor use.

30. IKEA

Unique Aspects: IKEA is an affordable, minimalist Scandinavian designs.

Pros: Budget-friendly and wide variety.

Cons: Self-assembly required, varying durability.

31. Goodee

Unique Aspects: Goodee is a minimalist designs with a commitment to sustainability.

Pros: Ethical manufacturing and clean aesthetics.

Cons: Limited selection and higher prices.

32. AllModern

Unique Aspects: AllModern is a modern furniture across various styles.

Pros: Competitive pricing and fast delivery.

Cons: Quality can vary between products.

33. 1stDibs

Unique Aspects: 1stDibs is a high-end antique and vintage pieces.

Pros: Unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Cons: Premium pricing and items may require additional care.

34. Joss & Main

Unique Aspects: Joss & Main is a stylish collections across multiple brands.

Pros: Sophisticated styles and regular flash sales.

Cons: Varying price points and selection.

35. Hay

Unique Aspects: Hay is a bold and quirky designs with strong color options.

Pros: Unique aesthetic for modern spaces.

Cons: Limited variety in styles.

36. One Kings Lane

Unique Aspects: One Kings Lane is a vintage and high-style furniture.

Pros: Unique vintage finds.

Cons: Higher price range and varying availability.

37. RH

Unique Aspects: RH is a luxury furniture with a focus on design.

Pros: High-quality, timeless pieces.

Cons: Premium pricing and specific aesthetic.

38. Floyd

Unique Aspects: Floyd is a modern, modular products with a minimalist vibe.

Pros: Durable materials and 10-year warranty.

Cons: Limited style options.

39. The Inside

Unique Aspects: The Inside is a furniture sets curated based on style preferences.

Pros: Personalized shopping experience.

Cons: Limited to specific set styles.

40. Albany Park

Unique Aspects: Albany Park is a simplified furniture shopping with limited collections.

Pros: Easy selection process.

Cons: Limited customization options.

41. Haworth

Unique Aspects: Haworth is a stylish workplace furniture with a modern twist.

Pros: Unique office designs.

Cons: Focused primarily on office furniture.

42. Jayson Home

Unique Aspects: Jayson Home is vintage-inspired and unique global furniture.

Pros: Distinctive pieces with global flair.

Cons: Higher price points.

43. AptDeco

Unique Aspects: AptDeco is a pre-owned furniture marketplace.

Pros: Discounted prices on brand-name furniture.

Cons: Condition and selection can vary.

44. Living Spaces

Unique Aspects: Living Spaces is a wide range of furniture and home decor with customization.

Pros: Diverse styles and custom upholstery.

Cons: Longer wait times for custom orders.

45. Finnish Design Shop

Unique Aspects: Finnish Design Shop is a Nordic-focused clean lines and minimal color palettes.

Pros: Trendy Scandinavian designs.

Cons: Higher pricing and specific style niche.

46. Room & Board

Unique Aspects: Room & Board is a furniture for specific design needs.

Pros: Diverse and practical designs.

Cons: Skews towards traditional styles.

47. Medley

Unique Aspects: Medley is an eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.

Pros: Non-toxic, high-quality materials.

Cons: Higher price range.

48. Rove Concepts

Unique Aspects: Rove Concepts is a chic, celebrity-style furniture sets.

Pros: Sleek designs with a modern aesthetic.

Cons: Premium pricing and limited traditional options.

49. Inside Weather

Unique Aspects: Inside Weather is a customizable furniture at accessible prices.

Pros: Wide range of textile options and design flexibility.

Cons: Customization can lead to higher prices.

50. Apt2B

Unique Aspects: Apt2B is a stylish, made-to-order sofas with a variety of fabric choices.

Pros: Customizable and reasonably priced.

Cons: Limited to mainly sofas and seating options.

51. Industry West

Unique Aspects: Industry West is an industrial design-focused furniture.

Pros: Unique, durable designs.

Cons: Niche style may not suit all tastes.

52. Burke Decor

Unique Aspects: Burke Decor is a mix of bold colors and textures.

Pros: Distinctive design elements.

Cons: Selection is more about accent pieces than foundational furniture.

53. Hem

Unique Aspects: Hem is a playful designs with a focus on color.

Pros: Unique, space-efficient designs.

Cons: Premium pricing and specific aesthetic.

54. Ferm Living

Unique Aspects: Ferm Living is a subtle design notes with textures.

Pros: Focus on texture and minimalist design.

Cons: Limited range of bold or colorful options.

55. Beam

Unique Aspects: Beam is a minimalist furniture with a focus on design-forward brands.

Pros: High-quality, trendy pieces.

Cons: Premium pricing and specific modern style.

56. Blu Dot

Unique Aspects: Blu Dot is a modern furniture with a focus on sustainability.

Pros: Durable, eye-catching designs.

Cons: Higher price points and limited budget options.

When shopping for furniture online, consider your personal style, budget, and the functional needs of your space. From luxury to budget-friendly, vintage to modern, this list of the best online furniture stores offers something for everyone. If you need help moving furniture around, use Laborhutt to connect with local drivers for much cheaper than renting a U-Haul or renting a car.

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