November 2, 2023

DIY Used Furniture Moving: Tips and Tricks

Hello there! My name is Mike. If you're a fellow thrift store enthusiast like myself, chances are you've come across some fantastic pieces. Moving these treasures to your home can be both exciting and challenging. But fear not! I'll share my experiences and valuable tips and tricks for moving used furniture like a pro in this article. These DIY techniques will help ensure a smooth and successful transition from proper preparation and packing to handling fragile pieces. So, let's dive in and make the most of our thrifted treasures!

First things first: Planning and Preparation

Moving used furniture requires careful planning and preparation. Before starting, I take the time to evaluate each piece. I measure the dimensions and make a note of any fragile or delicate components that need special attention during the move. This information helps me determine the best approach and equipment for a successful move.

Now it's time to Secure the Necessary Tools and Supplies.

Once I've assessed the furniture, I gather the necessary tools and supplies. These typically include packing materials such as:

  • bubble wrap - Depending on how fragile the piece is

  • moving blankets - To protect the furniture and vehicle

  • ratchet strap - To secure and protect the furniture during transit

  • furniture dollies - To reduce the strain on my body

These tools are essential for protecting the furniture during transit and simplifying the moving process.

Make the move easy: Disassembly and Labeling.

Disassembling used furniture is often necessary to make it more manageable during the move. I carefully dismantle each piece, ensuring I keep track of everything. I use zip-lock bags or small containers to store screws, bolts, and other small parts, labeling them clearly to avoid confusion when it's time to reassemble.

Use Proper Packing Techniques

Proper packing is crucial to prevent damage to your used furniture. I start by wrapping fragile or delicate areas with bubble wrap or packing paper. I use moving blankets or furniture pads to protect against scratches and dings for more oversized items, like dressers or tables. I secure the blankets with stretch wrap or packing tape to keep them in place.

Loading and Unloading your used furniture

Loading and unloading used furniture require strategy and care. To avoid straining my back, I have my friends or family members to assist with the heavy lifting. We use furniture dollies or sliders to maneuver large items more quickly. I ensure the furniture is secured adequately inside the pickup truck to prevent any shifting during transportation.

Moving and Navigating Tight Spaces

Moving used furniture through narrow hallways, staircases, or doorways can be challenging. To overcome this, I measure the furniture and the spaces it needs to pass through. This helps me determine the best angles and positions for maneuvering the furniture. Removing doors or temporarily disassembling certain parts can make the process smoother.

Handling Fragile Pieces with Care

Used furniture often includes delicate or fragile pieces, such as glass tabletops or antique decorations. I take extra precautions by wrapping these items with bubble wrap or packing paper. For example, For added protection, I secure them within sturdy boxes or crates. Fragile items are always placed on top and cushioned with blankets or pillows to absorb any potential impact during the move.

The fun part: Post-Move Clean-Up and Reassembly

After reaching my new home, I prioritize cleaning and reassembly. I dust off any accumulated dirt or debris from the furniture and its components. With the help of my labeled bags or containers, I reassemble the disassembled pieces, referring to photographs or instructions if necessary. Finally, I step back and admire my thrifted treasures in their new environment :)


Moving used furniture doesn't have to be overwhelming. Following these DIY tips and tricks can ensure a successful and hassle-free relocation of your thrifted gems. Each step contributes to a smooth and easy move, from thorough planning and preparation to proper packing techniques and handling. So, next time you add a new piece of used furniture to your collection, embrace the adventure and apply these strategies to enjoy your treasures in your new space. Happy moving!

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