Sending offers securely

At Laborhutt, we understand how important it is for you to be in control of your gig. That's why we have implemented our secure payment system to provide you with peace of mind and secure transactions.

Our system ensures that your payments are safe and protected throughout the entire process, from the moment you submit an offer to the moment you withdraw your funds.

  1. When you send an offer to a client, they are given the choice to either accept or decline it You can send an offer by entering your price in the field and pressing on the "Send Offer" button.

sending offers as a helper

Note: Once the job is complete, 90% of the offer will be applied to your account. For example: if you send an offer for $100, you will receive $90.

2. If your offer is accepted, they will be prompted to make a payment through our secure payment gateway in partnership with stripe to secure your time. This initial payment ensures that you are compensated for your work, even if the user cancels the job.

3. The client will be provided with a distinctive four-digit code.This code is crucial for withdrawing your funds. Consider it as the key to your money.


4. Once you have completed the job, make sure to ask the client for the code. Enter the four-digit code in the input field provided on the platform to withdraw your funds.

withdrawl funds icon