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Posted by user624413383

on Jul 16, 2024

Need to move 1 Queen size mattress

there are lifts on both the apartments but might need 2 people to lift it from elevator to vehicle

Route preview

Posted by user460846049

on Jul 15, 2024

Urgent - Need Help with Moving a Queen Size Mattress + Light Kitchen Supplies

Need urgent help to move today (Mon. 7/15) or Thu. (7/18). Move from: Langara area - semi-basement Move to: Yaletown/West End - apartment wi...

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Posted by user182913201

on Jul 15, 2024

Need help with moving furniture

Need help with moving furniture from one house to another

Got furniture you want to move cheaply?

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Some of our top-rated drivers in Vancouver

According to our Vancouver community, these movers are highly rated for affordability, flexibility, and perfect communication.

Two people moving boxes
Jacob Worske
Jacob Worske
Pickup truck
Ratchet Strap and 1 more

Hey! I'm Irving, a dedicated mover in Longview. I know moving furniture can be stressful. Helping my community and providing great service is my passion. I look forward to making your moving experience smooth and enjoyable. Have an amazing day!

Two people moving boxes
Don Charboneau
Don Charboneau
Pickup truck
Dolly and 2 more

I was born and raised in the West Coast and I just moved to Longview 2 months ago. This is a nice way for me to get to know the area, meet the local community, and even get restaurant recommendations!.

Two people moving boxes
keith mcdonnell
keith mcdonnell
Pickup truck
Dolly and 2 more

A lot of my family members reach out to me when they need things moved, and I’ve gotten used to getting those phone calls. I started helping people in the community on Laborhutt for some extra money and to get some sunlight.

No bots. Just real people, helping each other

Strengthening the local community is at the heart of everything we do.

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User intro video

Helpful moving tips to know about Vancouver

Moving can be stressful, but we have gathered some helpful insights to guide you in the process.

Best neighboors in Vancouver, No abbreviation found with that state name

Best Neighborhoods to Move Near Vancouver for Budget-Conscious People

Finding an affordable place to live near Vancouver can be a challenging task, but there are several neighborhoods that offer a perfect balance of cost and quality of life. Here are some of the best areas to consider:


Burnaby is a popular choice for budget-conscious movers. Besides being close to Vancouver, it offers a variety of affordable housing options. The area is rich with parks, schools, and shopping centers, making it an excellent choice for families and young professionals.

New Westminster

New Westminster is another great neighborhood that combines affordability with convenience. Nestled along the Fraser River, it boasts a historic charm and modern amenities. Public transportation is readily available, making commuting to Vancouver hassle-free.


Surrey offers some of the most affordable housing options near Vancouver. This growing city provides ample job opportunities, recreational parks, and a diverse community. Despite its budget-friendly nature, Surrey doesn’t skimp on amenities or quality of life.


Richmond is a multicultural hub that is just a short drive from Vancouver. Known for its thriving food scene and beautiful waterfronts, Richmond offers reasonably priced housing and a warm community atmosphere.

When considering a move near Vancouver on a budget, these neighborhoods provide the perfect balance of affordability and lifestyle. Each area has its unique charm and set of amenities, making it easier to find a place that feels like home.

Roads to avoid traffic when moving furniture in Vancouver, No abbreviation found with that state name

Roads to Avoid Traffic When Moving Furniture in Vancouver, No Abbreviation Found with That State Name

Moving furniture in Vancouver can be a daunting task, especially if you get stuck in traffic. To help make your move smoother, here are some local roads to consider avoiding the most congested areas:

  • Marine Drive: While Marine Drive is a major arterial road, it often experiences heavy traffic, particularly during rush hours. Consider using parallel streets like 70th Avenue or Southwest Marine Drive if you need to travel east-west.
  • Granville Street: This central street is known for its traffic jams, especially near the downtown core. You might find less congestion along Oak Street or Cambie Street for north-south travel.
  • Broadway: Another busy artery, Broadway can be quite congested. 12th Avenue or 16th Avenue can serve as good alternatives when moving furniture east-west across the city.
  • Knight Street: This route often has heavy truck traffic. If you can, opt for Victoria Drive or Fraser Street as north-south alternatives to avoid the Knight Street Bridge bottleneck.

By planning your route with these alternatives in mind, you can save time and reduce the stress of your move. Vancouver has a well-connected network of roads, so slight detours can make a significant difference.


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